15 Step-By-Step Guide: How To Install Concrete For Your Metal Building


1. Project Sign

The first step is to set up the project sign before clearing the lot. 

2. Remove Vegetation

Remove any vegetation that might be near or around your project. 


3. Silt Fence

Prior to starting construction, a silt fence is installed in order to keep blowing dirt and sand within the construction site. 

4. Electric

Temporary electricity and portable restroom are delivered. Re-bar and stirrups are also delivered. Total removal of vegetation at foundation area has been started. 


5. Locate Pipes

Underground pipes have been located, identified, and marked. 

6. Select Fill

Select fill is used to create the pad to attain the elevation required for the concrete foundation’s finished floors. 


7. Forms

This picture demonstrates that you need to set forms for the building’s concrete foundation. 

8. Form Templates

Forms are set precisely with templates holding 4 anchor bolts for the structural steel columns. This building required a total of 70 anchor bolts. 


9. The Day Before The Pour

This image shows what the foundation should look like the day before pouring the concrete. 

10. Pump & Concrete

The pump truck and concrete truck are in position. At this stage, the pour has started. 


11. Multiple Concrete Trucks

Multiple concrete trucks are stacking up in order to get unloaded quickly on this 4,000 square foot pour. 

12. Pour

The pump truck is a valuable asset required on large pours. 


13. Smooth Concrete

The finishers start work as soon as possible as the pour continues. 

14. Curing The Foundation

The completed concrete foundation starts curing immediately. The forms will be removed the following day. 


15. Remove Forms

The foundation is completed and the forms are removed. The concrete foundation is now ready to support the steel erection. 

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