Wouldn’t you Love Having a Garage for your RV?

A recreational vehicle is a wonderful thing to own. It lets you bring the comforts of home to whatever place you choose to visit. Unfortunately, an RV is not, in fact, a house. It can’t withstand the forces associated with severe weather like a house can. Hail and objects propelled by high winds can scratch and dent an RV, and hurricane-force winds can even tip it over.

Moreover, an RV is a vehicle, and it’s an expensive vehicle. If you own a car that’s in the same price range as a nice RV, we’re willing to bet that you don’t store it outdoors. There’s a threat of theft and a risk of vandalism, as well as other potential sources of loss and damage.

An RV garage isn’t necessarily just a place to store the vehicle. It can also provide places for all of the associated accessories, and provide a sheltered place to maintain the RV and prep it for travel. When an RV is kept in a garage, it will stay clean and new looking, as well.

Of course, an RV doesn’t fit into most garages. It wouldn’t even make it through the door. That’s why we have so many customers asking us to provide steel framed RV garages.

These RV shelters are convenient to own, and they’re also a great way to protect your investment. They can be designed, manufactured, and erected quickly. Putting one together is simple, and they’re not as expensive as you might expect.

We can provide a custom-designed RV garage in any shape or size. You can add space for a workshop, for other vehicles, or for any purpose you have in mind. They’ll have a strong steel frame that can resist anything the weather can bring.


The possibilities don’t end there, however. Of course, we can design a simple steel-framed RV garage with metal siding and a metal roof that sits independently on your land. That’s the most economical option. However, we can also design an RV garage that will attach to your home and/or that matches its exterior finish.

Adding an attached garage to an existing house usually requires a building permit, and we can give you the drawings and specifications you need to make a local authority submission. Our garages are built according to the International Building Code which has been adopted by every U.S. State.

The strength and durability of our steel buildings is due to their structural steel frames. The metal siding and roofs that we provide with most of our buildings are standard because they’re durable and inexpensive. However, we can easily design our steel buildings to work with residential cladding such as wood siding, vinyl siding or stucco. We can even design them for use with a brick veneer.

When you think about the advantages of owning a garage for your RV, you may wonder why you’ve never looked into it before. Request a free price quote today, and we’d be happy to answer all of your questions.

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