Frequently Asked Questions

Steel Buildings

Are steel buildings stronger than wood-framed buildings?

Can I just buy a standard steel building that's pre-designed?

How can I replace the steel siding or roof on my steel building?

What purpose do the wind girts on a metal building serve?

Why should I build with steel and not wood or brick or some other material?

Quotes and purchasing

Does MBMI sell parts and accessories?

How do I get a building quote?

What information do I need to get a quote?

When I purchase a building what components does that include?


How does the 30-day delivery work? Is it really guaranteed?

How long does it take to design and deliver a building?

How much is delivery?

Where are MBMI's delivery zones?


Do I really need insulation? What is it good for?

What are the maximum wind loads of your buildings?

What is the maximum span of a metal building?

What kind of panel options do I have?

What roof is better for a concrete block garage: asphalt shingles on wood or metal roofing on metal framing?


Does MBMI hold any special certifications for their factory welding inspection?

What permits do I need? And how do I get them?

Why are building codes so important?


How do I assemble my steel building?

How far do you space the purlins on your steel structures?

How should I prepare to erect a metal building?

What equipment do I need to erect a metal building?

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