Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our metal buildings.

Steel Buildings

Steel is simply more structurally efficient than wood. When you want to secure the power and strength of steel for your project, trust the team at MBMI. For an in-depth explanation, click here to read our article.

Yes and No. At MBMI, some of our smaller buildings are pre-designed and are appropriate for any climate in the U.S.

We have pre-designed buildings in larger sizes as well. But slight modifications are needed. This is so that the frames are the right strength to meet the Building Code requirements for your area.

For example, if you live in an area that experiences high winds; or an area where there are heavy snow loads in the winter; you’ll have a building that’s designed to resist those loads. In addition, your local authority may have special planning requirements or building bylaws that we need to take into consideration.

  • Offices
    • It can include single-use or multi-tenanted structures
  • Industrial 
    • Used for factories, warehouses, research & development, and manufacturing
  • Retail
    • These structures can be used for either single-use buildings or for multi-vendors
    • Multi-vendor structures might be shops for a mall, plaza, strip mall, and anything of the sort
  • Multi-family: such as condos, apartments, and townhomes

You might be wondering why aircraft hangars have so much empty space above them even when the aircraft is inside. The high height of aircraft hangars considers the very tall tails of the aircraft.

Another reason to consider is when an aircraft needs maintenance. Large gantries need to go into the hangar with ease.

Quotes and purchasing

Floor plans are a great way to help your designers and engineers to begin the process. In order to start a project, our designers need dimensions and any other information you have, such as if you need insulation, doors, etc.

Although it is not mandatory to have floor plans, especially with a simple building, it is much appreciated for complex designs.

Yes, customers can purchase trim from MBMI.

Additionally, customers can order any other parts they need for a building.

MBMI does not finance. All sales are cash-based.

However, qualified individuals/businesses have the option to obtain a loan from his / or her bank.

Yes, we have a large assortment of parts and accessories for your metal building. We’ll provide you with everything you need for the steel frame.

And we can include the steel siding and roofing as well. We can also supply you with insulation, doors, vents and any other components that you need to complete your building.

The prices of these buildings are purely just estimates. They are created just to give you an idea of what a building of these sizes will cost.

These prices are only calculating the location, the shell of the building (panels and trim), and fasteners. They DO NOT include accessories or foundation.

All other accessories would have to be properly quoted through our designers.

MBMI offers FREE quotes with the use of our simple building data input system. Get your quote from our online system if you’re looking for a rectangular building with a roof slope of 4:12 or less.

To give you an exact figure, we’ll need to know about the types, sizes and locations of the windows and doors. We’ll also need to know whether or not you’re going to insulate it.

If you have a complex project that you need to have estimated, then send us an e-mail with a sketch and/or a detailed description, or contact an MBMI representative via our toll free number: 1-800-293-2097

The cost of your barndominium will be determined based on:

  • Size
  • Location
  • Loads
  • Codes
  • Accessories, and more.

There is no set price for these buildings. All MBMI products are custom and made-to-order. Our designers and engineers will be happy to price out your very own custom barndominium. Quotes created are valid for 30 days.

After a quote has been submitted it is sent out to one of our designers. Depending on how busy we are, getting back to the customer might take up to 24 business hours.


Insulation is not required but it is HIGHLY recommended.

If you are heating or cooling a building, insulation will save you on electricity expenses. It prevents heat transfer in or out of your building.

Insulation is also good for noise reduction and condensation control.

All of our panels are PBR. PBR panels offer a better overlap which greatly reduces the chance of leaking. The greater overlap also makes the panels stronger.

We can design the building to accept multiple types of finishes if the customer doesn’t want and can’t have metal panels on the walls and roof. Customers have the option to add additional materials to the exterior of their buildings through their general contractors.

MBMI has created a few free barndominium plans for you to browse through. Customers who choose to go with one of our ready-to-go designs will have 2 FREE changes to the interior design*.

After 2 FREE changes have been made, any additional changes will have a fee.

Customers can use their own barndominium plans for our designers to work with. Those who are only interested in barndominium plans ONLY, call to get pricing and our designers will be happy to assist you.

*Please keep in mind, the interior is only for design assistance made for your general contractor.

MBMI can create a building as tall as you need. MBMI is capable of creating projects that are multi-floor as well.


If your predominant purpose is to use it for commercial purposes and it also happens to pair as a residence in compliance with local zoning then it should not be considered fraud. When in doubt, disclose your intentions with the local zoning department. 

MBMI provides customers with stamped drawings. Additionally, stamped drawings are necessary to obtain permits.

MBMI’s manufacturing facility is IAS Certified and member of the MBMA. The IAS certification demands a high standard on all welding applications among many other manufacturing aspects.


A simple building that does not require a building permit or planning approval may be designed, fabricated, and delivered within 30 days!

However, we need specific information to determine timelines for more complex projects.

First, we need to know what your requirements are.

Then, we can walk you through the steps and work out a schedule before we begin work. You’ll know exactly what to expect after that.


MBMI provides recommendations for great metal building erectors in Florida.

Note, depending on the size of the building, sometimes hiring a local contractor/ erector is more economically efficient.

MBMI does not have its own setup team at the moment.

However, depending on the area MBMI can recommend reputable metal building erectors.

Additionally, you can hire a local contractor, which might also be more economically efficient.

Assembling a steel building is a simplified process in comparison to other building types.

All of MBMI’s buildings come with the spec’s and details required for you or your contractor to construct your building in the most cost-effective manner. We even provide you with foundation requirements while your building is still in manufacturing so that your foundation can be prepared for the erection of your steel the day that your building components are delivered. Find a general “how-to” on our Steel Building Erection Steps Guide.

To help you understand the timeline of putting up your building better:

  •  50’x100′ or smaller with a 4 man crew should take about a week or less

Generally speaking, metal buildings go up very quickly compared to other methods of building. So no need to worry about an extended amount of time getting your building up.

In short, steel is simply more structurally efficient than wood.

Customizations can be made easier with our highly qualified detailers and engineers, making your building unique to you and your company.

Using metal is more cost-effective than tilt-wall or wood framing. A steel building is designed to support the loads from industrial equipment and fittings much less expensively and more easily than a wood building. That’s what makes steel the go-to material for industrial and commercial buildings.