Why choose MBMI?

Our highly professional staff is here to help you in every way possible. Our factory representatives are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the steel building industry. MBMI has its own in-house engineering department consisting of engineers, detailers, draftsmen and estimators.

Our team

We have a professional and conscientious support group on the premises. We have engineers, designers, detailers and project managers available every day to aid in all your project needs. Our service is #1. Ask our customers!

Our price quotes

Our quotes are easy to understand, never misleading, include freight, and always include the accessories you requested.

Our drawings

We supply shop welded clips, pre-painted red iron, computer generated erection drawings, as well as clearly labeled parts that match the drawings.

A picture tells a thousand words! Thanks MBMI!
Crossbridge Community Church
San Antonio, TX

Our Metal Buildings

Premium lifetime fasteners

We use matching finish, self drilling, self tapping premium lifetime fasteners on all roof and wall panels. Guaranteed not to rust! (fasteners that are not lifetime will void your warranty)

40yr warranty

Our high gloss, high luster painted panels have up to a 40 year warranty against rusting, fading and chalking. They also are much more attractive than the standard “R” or “PBR” panel most companies use.

Base trim

We supply base trim as a standard feature on all of our buildings which makes the erection much easier. It also provides a much better seal than foam closures for keeping out dust, water and critters, (an option for most metal building companies) and improves the appearance of your building.

Formed eave trim

MBMI uses formed eave trim (deluxe contoured trim) instead of simple eave trim, which gives the entire structure a constant and refined finished look.

Jamb and header cover trim

All framed openings come with jamb and header cover trim. This trim covers the door jambs and header beam giving your building a more attractive and finished look.

Base angle

Our 4″ x 3″ base angle (twice the size of most metal buildings) protects the slab and adds strength and stability to our buildings.

Cable bracing

All MBMI metal buildings come with cable bracing which will add strength and rigidity.

Purlin strapping

MBMI uses purlin strapping which greatly increases purlin strength and eliminates purlin rotation and sag.

Fully insulated walkdoors

All MBMI walk doors are fully insulated and come complete with hardware and trim.

Trouble free

Our workmanship and detailing are the best available and make erecting our buildings trouble free. We offer many testimonials from recent customers who will attest to this. Our detailing supervisors are the best in the steel building industry with over 50 years combined experience.

Galvalume plus

We use galvalume plus roof panels with a 25 year warranty.

IAS, Better Business Bureau

MBMI Buildings are all manufactured at IAS Certified facilities, meet all MBMA Standards and are all manufactured 100% in the USA. We are members in good standing of the Better Business Bureau.

Have questions? Call 1-800-293-2097 for immediate assistance