Building Parts & Components

At MBMI Metal Buildings, we offer more than just high-quality steel structures for homes, business and other settings. We also offer quality, durable steel building components – steel building parts and equipment that are highly specialized to provide maximum strength and be cost efficient. The combination of quality construction and affordability makes our steel building accessories and steel building replacement parts an exceptional value.

At MBMI, you’ll find everything needed for fast and effective installation of your steel structure. Our selection includes base trims, base girts, base angles, base channels and more.

We are committed to ensuring you can create or maintain steel structures at your home or business. Our selection of frame systems includes clearspan frames, multispan frames, single-slope frames and lean-tos.

This encompasses the girts, purlins, bracing and various angles. Sizes and material thickness is custom designed for your needs and to meet all building load requirements. All exterior sheeting is fastened to the secondary framing.

Find panels in our selection of steel building materials, including Superspan X, Low Rib X, Monarch X, Cor-Span X, 7.2 Rib, Super Seam 24, Weather Lok 16, Accent Panels, Liner Panels and more, as well as a series of effective and durable fasteners.

Our collection of trim profiles includes cover trim, gutters, and downspouts. Our selection of steel building accessories includes canopies and cupolas.

Choose between our standing seam and screw down roof options. Both roofs provide excellent quality for your building. See which option is best suited for you and your needs.