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Riding arena, steel horse barns

Are you in need of quality, durable, affordable metal horse riding arenas? At MBMI, we offer just that - and much more. Our steel horse riding arenas and metal barns are constructed of high-quality metal to ensure that only minimal maintenance is required to conserve your structure for decades. Our structures are customized to facilitate your needs in any environment. In warmer climates with rainy seasons riding arenas can be made without walls or with large sliding doors for additional airflow. Insulation is also available for enclosed structures to keep out the scorching heat or frigid cold. These features can greatly reduce your electric bills.

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We chose MBMI because of the quality

We chose MBMI because of the quality and the customer support they offered. The directions were very easy to follow. We have an equine facility and everyone that visits is amazed and envious of our metal riding arena.

Don Beach, Michigan

Steel horse riding arenas can also be customized with stables and storage attached. With all of the necessary housing facilities incorporated into an arena you can care for, house, and ride your horse in one convenient location. Our expert designers create the perfect home for your horses to promote a happy horse. MBMI Buildings strives to design happy homes for horses by designing riding arenas and barns with adequate lighting, proper ventilation, visual stimulation, and safe space for quite time.

What does this mean for you as the customer? It means you get long-term value out of your investment in prefabricated metal riding arenas. You get the type of custom metal horse barn or arena you need, and you get it at an affordable price. Your product will arrive in no time, ready for installation. Once it's installed, you'll enjoy durable performance for years to come - with little to no maintenance.

At MBMI, we focus on quality in everything we do. That means quality in design, construction, customer service and more. When you need steel indoor horse riding arenas and barns you can count on, trust the team at MBMI Metal Buildings.

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MBMI Steel riding arenas

No matter how large or small a building we only make metal buildings from high quality steel to guarantee the strength and longevity of the structure. Our indoor riding arenas can be built with up to a 200ft span without any need for interior columns giving you're the maximum usable space. Because we excel in custom designing steel structures our steel barns and riding arenas can be refined with paints and finishes to blend-in with your home or any adjacent structure.

No two customers have the same exact needs, which is why we focus on the customization of our products. Our in-house team of engineers will work closely with you to understand your needs, and then we will create the perfect steel horse riding arena or barn to meet those needs.

In addition to customization, enjoy the following benefits when you choose MBMI for prefabricated metal horse barns and riding arenas:

  • Durability: Steel construction means your metal horse riding arena or barn can withstand the elements, including winds of up to 200 miles per hour.
  • Resistance: You don't have to worry about mold, termites or fire when you choose steel indoor horse riding arenas and barns from MBMI - our products are completely resistant to these dangers.
  • Fast and Easy Installation: You'll be amazed at how quickly we can create and deliver pre-engineered steel horse barns and riding arenas. When you need custom metal horse barns and riding arenas - and fast, look no further than MBMI and our steel products.

Do you need an exceptionally large clear space for an indoor riding arena?

No problem! Our steel buildings can be made to fit any needs you may have! They can be designed to have a width of up to 200ft and can be made as long as you need them to be. Even additional space can be added, for horse stables, spectator stands, round pens, metal barns or anything you like. Our steel arenas can be designed to take advantage of natural lighting, sparing you additional lighting costs and helping conserve the environment.

Take advantage of the benefits of metal horse riding arenas and barns. You will enjoy durability, quality and affordability when you choose MBMI for these products.

Request a quote or contact us today about your prefabricated metal horse barn and riding arena needs.

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