RV Storage Solutions

Safe, secure & efficient storage for your RVs of all sizes

It’s probably more of a home to you than your house.

For many owners, RV’s are more than just a means of transportation, they are a lifestyle-defining vehicle. If you own an RV, know that you have one of the most enjoyable and entertaining vehicles on the road. It’s probably more of a home to you than your house.

Our Buildings are...

Maintenance free

Buildings that are built predominantly with steel so mold and termites are eliminated, making it virtually maintenance free, and fire resistant.

Easy to construct

Buildings that are constructed using a fraction of the materials and time that conventional buildings would have used.


Buildings that can be customized to meet all your location and size requirements, including your skylights and doors


Buildings that are constructed using a fraction of the materials and time that conventional buildings would have used.

Protect your car from the elements!

Whether you need a portable garage for a car that’s used everyday, or a winter storage shelter for a vehicle that is used seasonally, our wide selection of steel RV storage buildings has you covered. MBMI’s prefabricated steel buildings are extremely easy and quick to set up. They provide a completely weatherproof solution for the storage of all types of vehicles. With a variety of heights, lengths, widths, and colors available, our steel RV storage buildings are the perfect solution for all your automotive storage needs.

Our Team

Veteran Steel Builders

MBMI is your steel building construction solution. From design through to installation, our team will work to ensure you get an RV storage facility that meets all your needs. Our buildings are competitively priced, and our flexible yet highly efficient team will provide you with the steel building of your dreams.

Our managers, engineers, estimators, draftsmen and detailers are proud to have a combined experience of well over 100 years and their expertise is so diverse.  It encompasses the design, manufacturing and distribution of steel buildings. Because we work only with experts, you can count on us to know our business!

Storing your RVs properly is crucial

You’ve invested thousands of dollars on this vehicle, why leave its storage to chance? It makes sense to have it properly stored and for this, you need an affordable, reliable and solid storage solution. MBMI is your best bet for RV storage solutions you’ll love, and trust. Your RV is one of your biggest investments, so protect it with a steel building from MBMI right away.

Eco Friendly

MBMI is LEED Certified

With buildings made from steel that from up to 60% recycled material and our facilities are fitted with solar systems that help us reduce our carbon footprints, MBMI has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to creating green buildings.

All MBMI buildings are environmentally friendly. They reduce waste, use energy efficiently and protect occupant health. If you’re looking to work with a company that creates buildings that are truly green, look no further than MBMI!

Don’t Expose Your RV to Nature’s Wrath

With strong sidewalls and a high-style roof, our metal buildings provide unmatched storage for your RV. Best of all, we offer a service that’s unbeatable!

Work with us today and you’ll get a building that’s easy to construct and very competitively priced too. It’ll provide storage for your RV while enhancing the quality and value of your property.

Cost efficient

Because our buildings are prefabricated, it is easier and more cost-effient to assemble. You only need one or a few construction trades to help put it up. Because the structural components of the building are designed to near perfect efficiency, your buildings are erected faster, and there’s almost no waste left behind.

Long lasting

MBMI offers structurally sound, durable and tough buildings that are not just capable, but are better able to withstand snow, wind and other loads to the building’s foundation. Our buildings are the true definition of structural integrity.

Energy efficient

MBMI Metal Buildings leading edge panel coatings are Energy Star approved. Very few companies in the industry offer such an advanced green product. Energy star qualified metal roofs are more reflective of the Sun’s rays. Reflecting the Sun reduces the amount of heat transferred into a building, which reduces the amount of energy needed to air condition a building. Energy Star qualified roofs can reduce a building’s peak cooling demand by 10-15 percent. Reducing a building’s use of peak hour energy – the most expensive energy – can translate to an annual energy cost savings of up to 40%. You will save money on energy costs while lowering your carbon footprint.

Low maintenance

MBMI offers structurally sound, durable and tough buildings that are not just capable, but are better able to withstand snow, wind and other loads to the building’s foundation. Our buildings are the true definition of structural integrity.

Diverse selection

Simple or complex – whatever your RV storage needs, MBMI has the capacity to provide you with buildings that meet your specific needs. From finish specifications to stain selection, materials merging, and color mixes, there’s literally no limits to the buildings we can design.

Flexible to expand

Want to expand your already existing steel building? It’s almost as easy as putting together an Ikea shelf! All you have to do is to dismantle bolted connections in the endwall, transfer the wall, and install an additional clear-spanning frame. With our steel buildings, expansion is relatively easy.

What our customers say

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Frequently asked questions

How do I determine what size RV storage facility I need?

Reach out to us. We will help you determine the size of RV storage unit you need, as well as the size mix if you’re looking to store multiple vehicles.

How should I prepare for the installation of my building?

  • Obtain all required local permits.
  • Level the installation site
  • Ensure that your chosen site can be easily accessed by the delivery truck
  • To make installation easier, ensure you have power available within 50 feet of the jobsite.

Can I customize my RV storage building?

Definitely! We offer both standard RV storage buildings, and custom built steel storage solutions. From windows, to doors, stains and even widths, we are able to tailor your building to meet your specifications.

Do I need to get a building permit?

This varies from place to place. While lots of areas do not require building permits, some others require carports or metal buildings to have permits while others don’t please reach out to your local township or city authorities to find out what your community requires.

Will my building meet local building codes?

Yes your build will meet your local building codes. All our steel buildings are engineered to meet both Canadian and International building codes.

Color options

Prefabricated RV storage solutions from MBMI are available in a variety of colors.  No matter your brand needs or style, we can create the right building for you.

Simple & fast installation

All of our steel buildings are delivered with everything you need to efficiently and quickly put them together.

Large selection

We design a wide range of RV storage solutions and they can come in any color or size you need.

Tested & Trusted

All of our steel buildings have been thoroughly tested to make sure that they can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.


Engineered solutions

All of MBMI’S structures are uniquely designed to meet required building codes and specific weather conditions. Working with us means that you’ll have the confidence that comes with knowing your building has been designed to withstand your local rain, wind and snow loads. Our steel buildings are built to stand the test of time, so they tested to meet the highest possible standards.

Wide open interiors

The open-span interiors in an MBMI building offers extraordinary clearance and height of up to 300 feet wide. Best of all, because our buildings don’t have interior columns, you can easily maneuver heavy vehicles and equipment within the building, thereby maximizing usable storage space.

Ventilation & natural light

With abundant ventilation and natural, bright lighting inside, an MBMI steel building provides a safe, beautiful environment for your RVs, improving vehicle health. Our steel buildings improves worker safety and eliminates the need for daytime lighting by providing a shadow-free environment.


Whether you are looking to have an RV storage solution custom built to meet your exact requirements, or you’re looking to buy a standard RV storage solution, you can count on us for superior service and products. All of our steel RV storage solutions are engineered to withstand even in the harshest weather conditions, last for years on end, and can easily be moved from one location to the next.

With us, you’re sure to get products that are:

  • UL Listing Roof Systems
  • Shop Welded Clips
  • Pre-Punched Holes
  • Premium Self Driller Lifetime Screws
  • Pre- Engineered
  • Oversized Base Angle
  • Over 20 Colors
  • MBMA & IAS Certified Facilities
  • Made in America
  • Installation Assistance
  • FM Approval Standing Seam Roofs
  • FL Product Approval & Miami-Dade County Approval
  • First Class Customer Service
  • Energy Star Rated Paint
  • All Structural Components are Labeled
  • 26ga Color Framed Opening Cover TRim
  • 26ga Color Formed Eave & Rake Trim
  • 26ga Color Base Trim
  • 26ga & 24ga Sheeting available
  • 100% Recyclable


  • Standard Color Panels 40 year
  • Kynar Color Panels 35 year
  • Galvalume Panels 25 year
  • Fasteners Lifetime
  • Building Trim 40 year


Our design and engineering process is very collaborative, you’re sure that the product you get will match all of your specific needs. Once we agree on what features best suit your needs, we’ll work with you to add customization options, such as windows, doors and a wide variety of exterior colors.

Some custom features we offer include:

  • Unlimited Combinations with 24 Colors
  • Gable & Single Slope
  • Gambrel Roof Design
  • Hangar Door Design
  • Height – 60′ (Can go higher if needed)
  • Hip Roof Design
  • Lean To’s
  • Length – Unlimited
  • Mezzanine Design
  • Overhead Crane Systems
  • Raised Center Isle
  • T-Frame Design
  • Width – 5′ to 200′ Clearspan (Even wider with interior columns)

Exceeding all expectations

The versatility and flexibility of MBMI’s steel RV storage solutions mean our structures are suitable for all types of vehicle storage needs. From RVs to boats, cars and bikes, our buildings are the excellent solution for owners that are looking for a customizable, affordable and modern facility that protects their investments.