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Gambrel Style Building in Wakefield, RI

Thank you, Mike and your staff at MBMI Building for a high-quality and well-customized building. I know that our local building codes were a bit restricting and the alterations that were incorporated in the gambrel design made it work. Your delivery was as promised and the team’s support was as expected. Communication was also as expected. If I were to put up another building, I would use your company again without shopping around.

To your potential customers:
After selling my small business I had a lot of tools, equipment, and goodies that I did not want to depart with. My wife told me that I would have to put up a barn…she only had to say that once, but she did stipulate a gambrel style. After contacting many steel building companies about a steel gambrel with an open design, there was only one that would work with me at a reasonable price…MBMI. I worked with Mike Shach and he and their engineer put together a design that met our building codes and my desires. I put a deposit down and everything fell into place. Delivery was on time, insulation people worked with me about proper scheduling for delivery so that it did not sit around and the support from MBMI was excellent. Putting in a foundation was the only controversial difficulty that I had with this project…nothing to do with MBMI. As you can see from the pictures, this building won’t move.

When your poker buddies, hunting buddies, and fishing buddies say “what a great idea…we’ll help”, don’t believe it (they, all of a sudden have to change the air in their car tires and return their library books, etc). I have one friend, who we share projects back and forth, who stuck it out…almost to the end. It’s a lot to ask. It is a lot of work…lots of Ibuprophen. I had a couple of local young men ask if I needed help and I put them to work to finish it up. The pictures speak for themselves about the construction. The only heavy items were the mainframe that we used our makeshift crane on, the rest is manageable by hand. I wasn’t in a rush, so working part-time (semi-retired) and taking the winter off, the project took just a little less than a year. If you are in a rush…hire a crew to help.

The Building:
The building is 60′ x 32′ with 14′ high doors by 12′ wide. The cement floor is 6″ thick reinforced with wire and fiberglass mix. The insulation is so efficient that I use approximately 1 tank of oil (275) to heat it for the season at 45 and kick it up to 55-60 when working in it. For New England weather, that’s not bad. I took the time to run electric, water and sewer from my house to the building…neglecting to run a line for internet…make sure you do that. Metal buildings aren’t conducive to wi-fi or cell phone signals. The total cost of the project including foundation, floor, building, asphalt driveway, and utilities…approximately $55-60,000.

-- Rick Roda
Wakefield, Rhode Island

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