Base Components

Formed base trim

Formed base trim comes standard on our buildings and will make installing wall panels very easy even without a notched foundation. This trim will allow you to save money on the foundation while saving time installing wall panels. Formed base trim also seals the bottom of the building better than the foam closure strips that most of our competition uses. Pests and weathering may be able to wear through foam, but they surely wont damage our 26ga formed base trim. The color can match the rest of the trim or wall panels and come standard with our industry leading 40yr Warranty.

Standard base angle

MBMI's standard base angle is 4" x 3". Most of our competitors use a flimsy 1" x 2" angle. When you use a base angle that is too small, the concrete is likely to chip or break because the fasteners end up being too close to the edge of the slab. This is why we use an oversized 4" x 3" angle, standard on all of our steel buildings. This is just another example of why an MBMI building is far superior to the competition.

Base girt

Base girts are used for buildings without slab or perimeter foundations. Since there is no way to anchor an angle directly to the ground, a girt 3" above the finished floor is used instead.

Base channel

Base channels are used with liner panels or are optional with stem walls. When used with liner panels, the inside of the base channel is used to attach the bottom of the liner panel. Base channel can be used with a stem wall if the wall is not poured solid with concrete. If a stem wall is hollow, you will not be able to use our standard base angle and you will need to opt for this base channel.