Rigid frame systems

Rigid frame clearspan - RF system

The rigid clearspan frame is the most popular design for MBMI Steel Buildings. This frame offers you incredible strength, durability, versatility and economy. The RF System offers the most practical solution to most ordinary clearspan building requirements from 20' through 200'. Our in-house engineering staff has years of experience designing these frames as efficient as possible to give you incredible strength at an economical price.

Rigid frame multispan - RFMS system

The rigid frame multispan system offers the most economical cost per square foot coverage with spans over 80' wide and interior column supports are not objectionable. Spans of over 400' wide are attainable with multiple interior columns. This frame system is great for large buildings including warehouses, distribution facilities, agricultural applications and even industrial buildings.

Single slope frames - SS system

The single slope system offers a wide range of uses from shopping centers, to large office complexes. Together with fascia systems and parapet walls, exquisite building lines can be achieved for a pleasing architectural treatment. The SS System may also be used as a wing unit, or as an addition to an existing building. This frame system can be combined with interior columns for economic large spans.


Lean to frame is designed to attach to main rigid frames or to any structure designed to support the additional load. These frames are very popular when customers want to expand on their existing building. These can be designed as a roof only system or completely enclosed.