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Steel Garage Kits and Carports

A steel garage is an economical and practical choice for protecting your vehicles and adding to your interior space.

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Auto Repair Workshops

A steel garage from MBMI can serve as your pre-engineered metal auto repair shop. The classic American image is one of a vehicle in a driveway, with the owner underneath it and hard at work. However, the driveway isn't always the perfect spot to conduct serious work on an automobile. When you choose a prefabricated metal auto repair shop from MBMI, you get the space needed to work on your car, not to mention plenty of room for storing tools and other materials.

Your prefabricated metal auto repair shop from MBMI is something to be proud of. It features substantial construction that can withstand heavy winds, deep snowfall, beating sun and more. This is more than just a roof over your head and your projects. A pre-engineered metal auto repair shop from MBMI is a durable and strong addition to your home that gives you valuable space to do effective work on your vehicles or cars belonging to others.

A new prefabricated metal auto repair shop from MBMI is easy to set up and simple to maintain. That's one of the beauties of a prefabricated structure - it's ready to go up on arrival. Assemble your new pre-engineered metal auto repair shop in no time, and then enjoy its performance for years to come. It needs little to no maintenance, either. Your prefabricated metal auto repair shop from MBMI is designed to withstand weather, corrosive elements, termites and other pests, and more. Order your pre-engineered metal auto repair shop from MBMI today, and secure the space you need to work on your automobiles.

These prefabricated metal auto repair shop options are what you've been waiting for. They get you out of the driveway and into a covered area that gives you the freedom to spend time working on cars, or pursuing other pastimes and hobbies.

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Racecar and Sprint Car Workshops and Storage

Racecars and sprint cars are high-performance machines that need lots of attention if they're to reach their full potentials. At MBMI, we offer pre-engineered metal sprint car garage options, as well as prefabricated metal racecar garage options. These steel structures give you a dedicated area where you can care for your racecar or your sprint car, helping them to reach the pinnacle of performance.

Where do you currently work on your racecars? It may be a driveway or an uncovered lot, or perhaps a carport. However, these uncovered and unclosed options don't give you the right environment for doing your best work.

The first issue is protection. Is a driveway or carport enough to protect your racecar or sprint car from the elements? Also, many people work on racecars as a hobby or pastime that must fit into a busy schedule. That can mean late nights and early mornings spent tinkering and tweaking for top performance. When it's cold outside or when snow's covering the ground, it's not particularly comfortable to be outside working on racecars.

That's where a pre-engineered metal sprint car garage or a prefabricated metal racecar garage comes in handy. These steel structures give you a fully covered, fully enclosed space where you can do your best work. There's nothing to worry about as your car is fully protected from the elements, thieves and vandals - and you can work night or day, summer or winter, in the comfort of your own prefabricated metal racecar garage. You'll find that you do your best work in this dedicated space with little to no distraction from the elements or other factors.

At MBMI, we manufacture our pre-engineered metal racecar garage and prefabricated metal sprint car garage options to stand the test of time. Don't confuse prefabricated with flimsy or unsubstantial. These steel structures perform like permanent features at your home. They provide year after year of comfort, protection and space to work on your racecars and sprint cars.

Our garages can withstand hurricane-force winds, as well as heavy snowfall that may pile up on the roof. They require little to no maintenance, and they are fully resistant to corrosion as well as termites and other pests. They are ready for assembly upon arrival, and you can assemble them quickly. Your pre-engineered metal racecar garage can be constructed and ready for use in no time flat.

At MBMI, we understand that different customers have different visions for what they want a prefabricated metal sprint car garage to be. For that reason, we offer custom designs in addition to our traditional pre-engineered metal racecar garage designs. Choose your steel structure from MBMI and discover the perfect space to spend time working on your sprint cars and racecars. Get out of the driveway and out of the elements, and get inside a substantial and spacious steel structure where you can help your cars reach their full potentials.

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Benefits of metal garages

Prefabricated metal garage buildings deliver a range of benefits, including:

  • Custom Designs: Choose from among traditional and custom design options as you search for the perfect pre-engineered metal garage for your needs.
  • Wind Resistance: Our custom steel garage buildings are substantial, able to withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour.
  • Low Maintenance: When you choose predesigned steel garage kits, you get durability with little maintenance - which means you can spend more time doing the things you love and less time on maintenance tasks.
  • Fast Setup: With other materials, full construction and installation will often require a much longer timeline. When you choose MBMI for prefabricated metal garage buildings, you'll get your product fast and enjoy quick setup.
  • Mold and Termite Resistance: One less thing to worry about - our pre-engineered metal garage options are completely resistant to mold and termites.

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The building you sold me is absolutely great

It exceeds all my expectations and my neighbors are all impressed. Feel free to have any potential customers call me and I'll be glad to show them the quality of your product.

Jack Newcomb, Florida

Classic Car Workshops and Storage

When you own a classic car, you own a piece of history - a throwback machine that's the envy of the road. These classic vehicles are time capsules that bring to life the simplicity and innovation of a bygone era. That piece of history must be protected, and it also needs a space where you can work on it and keep it in top condition. For many, that space has often been a home's garage or even its driveway. However, a traditional garage or certainly a driveway don't lend themselves to getting focused and effective work done on classic cars.

That's why at MBMI, we offer prefabricated metal classic car garage options. A pre-engineered metal classic car garage gives you the space needed to spend time working on your piece of history. These prefabricated metal classic car garage designs also provide the protection that your classic car needs. You don't need to worry about the sun beating down on your vehicle and fading its paint and interior, or frozen precipitation or rain deteriorating your car.

There's your own comfort to keep in mind, as well. When you choose a pre-engineered metal classic car garage from MBMI, you're choosing a space that lets you work on your project when you need to. In summer, you don't want to spend a Saturday afternoon working in your driveway, and in winter, early mornings and late nights are similarly unpleasant.

A prefabricated metal classic car garage from MBMI gives you a comfortable space where you can spend a Saturday afternoon in summer out of the heat or a late night in winter out of the cold. Your restoration or modification project moves at an accelerated pace simply because of the space you enjoy to get your work done.

Our pre-engineered metal classic car garage options ship quickly and are ready for assembly immediately. Putting them together is simple, and maintaining them is a nonissue - there's little required in the way of maintenance. Our steel structures are resistant to wind, rain, corrosion, mold, mildew and even termites. Once you have your prefabricated metal classic car garage installed in your home, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy this perfect space for working on classic cars.

We offer both traditional and custom design options for you to choose from when searching for the perfect pre-engineered metal classic car garage. We know each of our customers is different and that each comes to us with unique needs. That's why we offer different design options and the ability for you to customize your ultimate prefabricated metal classic car garage.

Browse through our many options, and create your ideal pre-engineered metal classic car garage today. You'll fall in love with having this dedicated space to spend time working on your classic vehicles.

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