#240: Large Multi-purpose Metal Building in Naples, Fl

Customer Testimonial

Check out these pics of Michael Stevens’ building in Ft. Myers.  That cornice trim at the top was designed by me and drawn by Andy with MBMI.  We had it cnc broken locally, and it turned out great on MBMI’s building.  It meets the City of Ft. Myers building code for a decorative accent at the top of the parapet, and likely meets code in other cities as well. The contractor was pleased with the look of the trim.
Also, the bottom portion of the building will be stucco, so we cut all the panels, designed, and installed a break between the panels and the stucco portion. 

We erected another MBMI building for the same customer in Naples, Florida during the installation of the building in Ft. Myers. It turned out great, see attached aerial photos.
We have the capability to go full custom on buildings if needed. Let us know where we can be used and we will travel! 
Jesse SappSquared S, Inc.

Michael Stevens

Naples, Fl

About the building:

Building #1
103’x 38’x 24′ HS
Roof Slope: 1/4:12
Bay Spacing: [email protected]

Building #2
103′ x 67′ x 24′ HS
Roof Slope: 1/4:12
Bay Spacing: [email protected]

Building #3
103′ x  38′ x 24′
Roof Slope: 1/4:12
Bay Spacing: [email protected]

Walls: Light Stone
Roof: Galvalume
Trim: Polar White

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